Chris & Victoria | Salt Lake City Wedding


Victoria’s mother put a diamond necklace around her only daughter’s neck and gave her a look of pure adoration. Victoria smiled up at her dad with tears in her eyes as she took his arm and headed down the aisle. You wouldn’t think that Chris’s grin could get any bigger until he looked up to see his bride. The nerves were there but calmed since the couple had just shared a special first look together away from family and friends at the NMHU. They stood hand in hand and shared the vows they had written for each other, and tears streamed down Victoria’s face as she listened to her new husband share how deeply he cares for her and will continue to care for her for the rest of their lives.

This wedding day was special to me for so many reasons. Not only did a previous KM groom officiate the ceremony, but the day was spent at one of my favorite locations, the Natural History Museum of Utah on the University of Utah campus. The NHMU is an incredible venue for a wedding. There is a ceremony location with a gorgeous mirrored wall reflecting the Wasatch Mountains. The mirrored window allows you to see the entire Utah Valley, and it is absolutely stunning.

To Chris and Victoria, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful wedding day. Thank you for making me feel so included in your celebration. Thank you for allowing me to get to know you and your family throughout this process together. One of my favorite moments was being able to invite you into my home, sit down together, and enjoy each other’s company with a beautiful charcuterie board and some sparkling cider while we created an heirloom album that your family will be able to cherish for generations to come. It is clear to me that the two of you are meant for each other, and I cannot wait to see the beautiful life you will build side by side as husband and wife.

A group of bridesmaids sitting on the bed in white jammies laughing by Kailee Matsumura Photography. bridesmaids jammies #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A groom wearing a Navy suit and pink tie getting ready on his wedding day by Kailee Matsumura Photography. groomal shot #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
The bride and groom laughing together holding hands in the summertime in Utah by Kailee Matsumura Photography. SLC wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Kailee Matsumura Photography captures the bride and groom on their wedding day at the Natural History Museum of Utah. NHMU wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A bride surrounded by her bridesmaids in blush pink gowns in downtown Salt Lake by Kailee Matsumura Photography. summer Wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Kailee Matsumura Photography captures the bride and groom on the steps of the Natural History Museum of Utah. modern wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A groom with his group of groomsmen outside the Natural History Museum of Utah by Kailee Matsumura Photography. groomsmen bunch #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A mid-century modern vibe for a bridal portrait captured by Kailee Matsumura Photography in SLC. Salt Lake Wedding Photographers #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Tiny flower girl being carried by her father down the aisle in a SLC wedding by Kailee Matsumura Photography. baby flower girl #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Father of the bride walks the bride down the aisle during an outdoor wedding in Salt Lake by Kailee Matsumura Photography. father bride #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
With a big reflective glass wall behind them the bride and groom hold hands at the altar by Kailee Matsumura Photography. altar portrait #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCwedphotographer
Bride and groom cheer as they walk down the aisle captured by Kailee Matsumura Photography. high-end SLC photographers #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Stunning SLC wedding location at the Natural History Museum wedding captured by Kailee Matsumura Photography. NHMU wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Outdoor summer bridal portraits taken at dusk by Kailee Matsumura Photography in Salt Lake City Utah. summer bridals portraits #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
The groom nuzzles the bride on a dirt road in Salt Lake City for summer bridals by Kailee Matsumura Photography. bridals #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Kailee Matsumura Photography captures a photograph of the groom getting jiggy at the wedding reception. dancing reception pics #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KailleMatsumuraWeddings #NHMUwedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer

Creative team: 

Venue: NHMU @nhmu

Hair and Make up: Marisa Rose @marisarosemph

Gown: The Perfect Dress @theperfectdressbridal

Bridesmaid: Azazie

Groom and grooms man: Indochino 

Florist: Colleen at Lux @luxfloralanddesign

Day of coordinator: Janet Reynolds 

DJ: Richie Steadman: @richietsteadman

Caterer: Lux catering: @luxcateringandevents

Jewelry: Tiffany and Co, Trevor Black 

Wedding Cake: Lux catering

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