Why I Love Mom & Daughter Photo Shoots

If I had only had thirty seconds to prepare an hour-long presentation about a topic of my choice, I would pick the importance of taking family photos every time. What can I say, I’m just a huge fan of documenting families and family relationships! While I love snapping photos of the whole family, there is […]

Should You Take Your Family Photos Indoors or Outdoors?

Planning family photos is a big undertaking that comes with lots of decisions to be made. From choosing the perfect outfits to coordinating schedules and finding the best time for everyone, I totally get that it can be overwhelming! As your photographer, I try to do my best to mitigate some of that stress and […]

Tips for a Successful Family Photo Day

How to style your family for family photos in the Summertime by Kailee Matsumura Photography. three sisters different outfits for pictures #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #PhotographyOutfits #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraFamilies #PhotographyTips #FamilyPhotography #Familyphotographystyle

Family photo days are always a little bit chaotic, no matter how well you prepare. But don’t let the chaos worry you! I have so many tricks up my sleeve to help keep every member of the family happy during our time together. One of the reasons you’re taking family photos is to remember how […]

My Best Tips for Choosing Your Outfits for Family Pictures

I have heard one specific question time and time again from my family photo session clients – how do we pick outfits?! As someone who has spent plenty of time in front of and behind the camera during family photos, I get it. It sometimes feels like the hardest part of doing family photos might […]

Why Everyone Needs Annual Family Photos

As a photographer, people often assume you only shoot weddings or engagements. But one of my favorite sessions to do is family photos! I think family photos are one of the best ways to watch your family grow over the years. Here are some of my favorite reasons to take annual family photos. MARK TIME […]

Why You Should Have Your Hair & Makeup Professionally Done for Your Photos

One of my most frequently asked questions as a photographer is “Do you really think I need to get my hair and makeup professionally done for *fill-in-the-blank photo session*” and my answer is always YES! As both a photographer and a person who has been photographed, I definitely see a difference between hair and makeup […]

Putting Together An Heirloom Album After Your Photo Session

You worked hard to have gorgeous portraits taken, so don’t let them go to waste in your phone! Heirloom albums are a way to share your memories with your loved ones for years to come.

Family Photo Outfit Inspiration: Baby Boys

Sure, it is fun to dress up a little girl in dresses and bows, but have you seen baby bowties? Today I am sharing some outfit inspiration for the little men in your life. 

Family Photo Outfit Inspiration: Baby Girl

Little girls are definitely at the top of my list of favorite models. Here are my tips for dressing your baby girl for family portraits!

The Joy of Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful and messy and hard. Today I’m sharing my story and a tip for finding peace in the midst of newborn chaos.

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