1. I am the BIGGEST fan of FRIENDS. Marc and I find ourselves quoting something from it on a daily basis!

2. I work as a nurse in the Huntsman Cancer Institute ICU. I feel blessed to work with an incredible patient population and with the best team. 

3. I am currently obsessed with Made by Mary Necklaces and own WAY too many of them. 

4. Birkenstocks are the only shoe I wear. I wear them with socks during the winter and regret nothing.

5. I go to Costco on a weekly basis. I swear the majority of the things I buy end up coming from there. 

6. I was OBSESSED with Michael Bublé when I was in high school. Still am. His voice is just BEAUTIFUL. 

7. I'm a loyal Apple customer. Phone, watch, laptop, earphones...Through and through!

8. If money weren't an issue, I'd probably buy all of my furniture and home decor from Crate and Barrel.

9. I really want to be someone who has house plants, but I seriously just don't have a green thumb. I killed a cactus. I thought they weren't supposed to die? 

10. City life is good, but country life is better. The millions of stars, the quiet... It's really something special. 

Thanks so much for being here! It means the world to me!

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This sweet girl is three and keeps me busier than I've ever been. We go on lots of mommy-daughter dates. Lots of shopping... Target and Costco are the two stores she names off when I say we need to go shopping. Need I say more? 

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Marc and I were married in 2015. He is currently finishing up his third year of medical school and somehow manages to balance being a student, husband and father in the most beautiful way.

Husband & Father


Becoming a mother is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. It's also been the most rewarding. I love being a mother. I love being a wife. 

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I didn't hire a wedding photographer for my wedding. I had formal photos done prior to my wedding. But on the day of my wedding, the photographer I liked wasn't available, so I just decided to not have photos done at all. I had a family member bring his nice camera and I guess I figured that would be enough. As it turns out, it wasn't. 

It was and still is one of my biggest regrets.

I didn't get those beautiful photos with my mom or my dad. None with me and my brothers. None with my very best friends. Not even with my grandparents who drove six hours to celebrate with me.

So now, every wedding that I do, I try to capture all those photos that I wish I had - but for you. 

You deserve to have photos with your family and friends and remember EXACTLY how you felt as you celebrated your love with them. 

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