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luxury wedding & Family photography for the nostalgic at heart

I photograph luxury weddings and families so they can look back and remember those years of joy and chaos. Whether on the wall or in an album, I provide tangible memories to be enjoyed for years to come. 

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Hi, I'm Kailee

If you've landed here, that means that you're ENGAGED! Let me be one of the first to congratulate you! 

I've created a beautiful experience from start to finish that makes "reliving your wedding day" a reality. 

I offer full day wedding coverage and afterwards, we get together for a "reveal" where you'll get to see your wedding photos for the first time! We'll create an heirloom album right there with all of the photos that YOU choose. 

My goal is to create something tangible for you to HOLD instead of scrolling through your thousand photos. As you flip through all the pages, you'll smile and laugh at all the moments you didn't see - the littles getting chased around in the waiting area while you were getting your dress on, and even your grandparents dancing with each other. You'll be able to be "relive" your entire day and see everything that happened that day. 

Meet your utah Photographer

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl and you want it to be absolutely PERFECT. After all, these are the photos that you'll hang on the walls of your first house. They'll be the photos in your wedding album that you and your kids will look through to relive that incredible day. In fact, these are the photos that will be passed down for generations - and you want every person who looks at your wedding photos to feel as if they were there with you. 

You’ve looked through what feels like a thousand different websites searching for the perfect photographer, right?


Hint: They're the ones that bring you back to that moment when things are exciting, when seasons change, and even when life gets hard. 

My goal is to capture THOSE photos - the ones that steal your happiest moments and carry you through.

Want your once-in-a-lifetime moments captured like this?

Yes please!

After photographing weddings for over seven years, I’ve learned what photos my couples ALWAYS want.

Kailee was so easy to work with and was very adaptable when circumstances were less than ideal. We love love her light photos and candid posing. We felt truly special during the whole process! I honestly can't put into words how much I love our photos - we'll cherish them FOREVER.    - Madi & Coleman

We love you! I teared up when I saw our photos. They truly capture the magic!

no. 1

We had ZERO fears hiring you because your photography is amazing and we love you. We are seriously in love with the photos! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. We love how the lighting turned out in both locations (especially the golden hour photos!!) - Melissa

We are seriously in love with the photos!

no. 2

Kind Words

You want your photos to be able to reflect the feelings you have on your wedding day. You want to remember the joy and love you both feel. 

When you find a photographer that you love and trust, and you won't have to stress about anything because you know they've got it under control. 

Are you ready to have your dream photographer booked? Ready to have a friend that you can text or call with outfit questions (for engagements of course!). Ready to have a bridal guide to walk you through your entire wedding day?

Book a FREE client consultation to see if we are a good fit. I want you to be 100% sure about your decision!

Want to see if we're a good fit?

I'm ready! Let's do this!

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Once you send in your inquiry, I’ll take a peek at it and email/text you back to set up a time to either meet in person or set up a zoom call, whatever works best for you! We'll talk about the KM Experience and what your wedding day will look like with me!

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you hit submit-

contact me

Once you send in your inquiry, I’ll take a peek at it and email/text you back to set up a time to either meet in person or set up a zoom call, whatever works best for you! We'll talk about the KM Experience and what you can expect!

what happens now?

you hit submit-

Meet kailee


As someone who wears a lot of hats (wife, momma, nurse, and photographer). I know that those once in a lifetime moments can truly fly by. My mission is to capture those beautiful moments so that you can come back to them years down the road and relive them! The best way to do that if to find out who YOU are and what type of moments YOU treasure the most.

Wanna meet me? I love my cute family, the pop of my Made by Mary necklace over my heather grey sweatshirt, and eating ice cream for every occasion - Tillamook Mudslide is my favorite!

And I can't wait to get to know you!

I’m Kailee

Kailee truly puts the time into every photo session. She gives you one on one attention from day one! She made everything so easy. She was able to help us create an amazing wedding album! We never thought we would get so much time working with a photographer. Choosing a photographer is so important, especially for your wedding day, she was one of the best decisions we ever made!  - Chris & Victoria

One of the best decisions we made!”

no. 3

Kailee is next level in her photography! She goes above and beyond before the shoot even happens. She has a guide to help choose location, outfits, etc. She spends time at each shoot getting all the shots. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and natural with poses. She is incredible with lighting and her photos are STUNNING! Kailee is so fun to be around, super professional, and delivers the most beautiful photos. - Melissa

She is incredible with lighting and her photos are stunning!

no. 4

Kind Words

We might be friends if you...

Live almost exclusively in your Madewell Jeans.

Own multiple pairs of Birkenstocks.

Could live at a spa and be pampered all day. 

LOVE Friends and smile when you hear the word, “pivot”.

Love to talk to every person you come in contact with … but also want to sit on your couch and just eat ice cream and binge-watch a show.

Ready to become a             Bride? 

Unlimited Photos. No matter which package you book, I will always give you every good photo that I take. I never limit the number I give you. The photos I take out are blurry or duplicates!

Bridal Guide. You’ll get access to a Bridal Guide filled with tips and tricks that I’ve spent years creating! It comes with hundreds of photos you can use as inspiration for your own wedding, as well as ideal timelines, things to bring, etc. to make your final gallery look like you’ve always dreamed!

Me. Let’s be friends! Let’s exchange phone numbers so you can text me when you have questions about which outfit will look better, what colors look best, and even just simple timeline questions as we get closer to your wedding!

What makes the KM experience different?

Posing. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on education for myself so that I can pose you in a way that is natural and beautiful. I think one of the biggest concerns as a bride is that you won’t look as good in your pictures as you imagined you would. Dare I say that I think you’ll look better? I have a proven system that works Every. Single. Time. 

Vendors. Still looking for a florist, a makeup artist, maybe even a wedding planner? I’ve got you covered! I’ll send over my favorite vendors that I’ve worked with time and time again!

Printing Rights and Online Gallery. You get printing rights and your photos will be in an Online Gallery with unlimited downloads. You can share this gallery with anyone you want! 

I'm a KM Bride!

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Chris and Victoria’s wedding at the Natural History Museum of Utah was absolutely beautiful. From the sunset view of Salt Lake City to the party that followed, this wedding day was one for the books.

Chris & Victoria

Natural History Museum of Utah Wedding 

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Donna & Jeremy were married in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their wedding day was spent with their closest friends and family. From their sweet dog walking the rings down the aisle to the beautiful ceremony florals, it was the perfect wedding day.

Donna & Jeremy

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