My Secret Hack that Guarantees Meaningful Photos from Every Session


Photographing families together is such a meaningful and rewarding part of my job. My biggest goal for every family I work with is to capture moments that they will treasure for years to come. Through my years in this business, I have spent a lot of time learning what’s really important when it comes to family photos. 

I’ll give you a few spoilers: the most valuable part of family pictures isn’t what you’re wearing or where you’re at (though those things are important!). I could chat all day about photo tips for the various elements that make a good picture, but in this blog post, I want to focus on the one thing that will really transform your family picture experience.

So let’s dive in! My secret hack for ensuring you get the most out of your family photos is to prioritize capturing relationships instead of relying on structured poses.

You might wonder, “What would that look like during our session?” I’m glad you asked! The focus of your session should be on your unique family bond. I have three big reasons why this hack will be a game-changer for your photos. 

#1 It makes taking pictures of kids easier.

The reality is little kids just have a hard time sitting still. While their endless energy is entertaining, it can also be exhausting, especially when facing the idea of wrangling a busy toddler into a stiff pose. In my photography, I love to think of ways to embrace the silliness and create fun moments for the whole family.

I love using pose prompts like holding hands while walking, shoulder rides, tickle fights with Dad, or snuggles with Mom. Focusing on natural interactions makes a world of difference for kids because it allows them to just be themselves and have a good time. 

#2 It creates an overall enjoyable experience 

When you shift your focus to capturing genuine moments, your family session becomes less of a formal event and more of a relaxed hangout. You might still get some traditional group shots with everyone smiling into the camera, but the majority of photos will just be of you enjoying spending time with the people you love most.

Another benefit to prioritizing candid photos is that you don’t have to keep re-shooting the same pose to get the “perfect” look. When everyone is more relaxed, you’re easily able to capture both the big and small moments. 

#3 It makes your session less stressful for you

There’s nothing quite like trying to paste on a happy smile while feeling overwhelmed during family photos. Getting too caught up in the idea of what your session should look like can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious. That’s the opposite of what your family photos should be like!

The value of a photographer focused on capturing genuine relationships is that your photos are more meaningful and less stressful. It’s okay if the kids just want to explore and play – including that in your photos makes them feel authentic to your real life. Your pictures will showcase movement and emotion because the whole session is filled with relaxed, playful energy.

While the idea of prioritizing capturing relationships during your family photos may seem simple, it changes the entire look and feel of your session. Your pictures will feature the real smiles and interactions that represent who you are and what you mean to one another. Documenting your family this way celebrates your unique family bond, and ultimately, that’s what’s most important.


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