Four Tips for Warm-Weather Family Picture Sessions

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If you know me, you know that I am a big believer that family photos should be as stress-free as possible. Taking pictures shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun! The goal of your photos is to capture your family as you currently are, with everyone in the best mood possible. This can be a reality for your family!

I am also a big fan of taking photos outdoors, but that can come with some unexpected challenges, especially during the warmer months. With a little bit of preparation, your family photos can be a fun, relaxing hangout regardless of the weather. 

Here are four tips for taking photos in the spring and summer.

Dress According to the Weather

One of the most important factors in the overall happiness and comfort of your family during a warm weather photo session is what you’re wearing. It’s hard to feel like smiling when you’re sweaty and uncomfortable. Keep an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your session and dress accordingly.

Especially on those hot summer days, choosing lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or chambray is a good idea. To help everyone feel at ease in their outfits, find pieces that are elevated versions of clothing they wear every day. Make sure each family member has a chance to try on and move around in their outfits before the day of your session.

Come Prepared with Snacks

When taking photos of families, having food on hand is key. Nobody photographs well when they’re hangry! I always recommend everyone show up to photos having eaten a good meal beforehand. In addition to that, pack a bag with some special snacks or treats to munch on between shots. Little bribes go a long way for less than enthusiastic photo participants (adults and kids alike!).

When you’re shooting in the warm weather, it’s also important that you pack enough water for everyone in your family. This includes pets! There’s nothing that makes a session feel like it lasts forever than feeling hungry or thirsty. 

Don’t Forget the Details

One tip that is easy to overlook during family photos is the accessories that often find their way into your pockets. I’m talking phones, keys, pacifiers, or snacks. While those are all important things to bring, you don’t want your iPhone sticking out of your pants pocket in all your photos. Bring along an extra bag to store all the extra things you might need. 

Depending on your location, it’s also fun when my families remember to bring a prop or blanket to sit on. I will generally have a good idea of whether or not you’ll need one beforehand, so I will always let you know!

Be Flexible with the Weather

Spring and summer often have unexpected weather patterns. It’s one of those things that is completely out of our control, regardless of how well you prepare. I’ve planned sessions on days that have perfectly sunny forecasts, only for us to show up and be completely rained out. I’m not scared of a little weather, but I want you to be happy with the result of your photos! If the weather isn’t cooperative, we can always postpone or reschedule your session to a later date. 

Taking family photos during the spring and summer is my favorite! I love the bright greenery that comes with this time of year, but there are also a few extra things to consider. Taking the time to be prepared for the weather will go a long way in the overall success of your session. I hope these tips are helpful and that your photos go off without a hitch!


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