Family Photo Outfit Inspiration: Baby Boys


Baby boys don’t get as much attention as baby girls when it comes to dressing up. Sure, it is fun to dress up a little girl in dresses and bows, but have you seen baby bowties? Let’s not forget about how adorable a baby boy in overalls is! I love how easy it is to tie a little man’s outfit in with the rest of the family. The best baby boy outfits for family pictures are simple and cute. Today I am sharing some outfit inspiration for the little men in your life. 

When choosing an outfit for a little boy, you should search for soft and natural fabrics. Look for materials such as linen, gauze, or knit. Knit is especially good for indoor newborn sessions. 

When it comes to color, I’ll always recommend keeping your outfits in neutral and muted tones. These colors photograph best and don’t cast colors on your little one’s skin. Colors to avoid are:

  • Reds and pinks | Babies tend to have natural pink tones in their skin, so you should avoid reds and pinks that will emphasize that color.
  • Neons | While neon colors are fun and unique, they are not a good choice for portraits. Your eye will be immediately drawn to your baby’s neon shirt rather than their sweet face. Instead, stick with neutral tones like cream, white, tan, rust, light blue, etc.

So many people hear the words neutral and muted and assume they mean boring. This is not the case! You can dress your family and baby in a neutral color scheme while still showing off your fun and colorful personality. Neutral doesn’t have to mean white or tan. It just means that you choose a color that is muted so that the focus can be on you and your baby rather than their bright clothing. Instead of a bright cherry red t-shirt, go for maroon. Instead of neon orange overalls, opt for a nice rust color. I love to see the gorgeous color schemes that my clients put together.

Here is a list of my favorite places to shop for baby girl outfits:

Zara Kids | Zara is the perfect place to find modern kids’ clothing for all ages. Their baby section, however, is one of my favorites. 

H&M Kids | H&M is a great option when you don’t have time to shop online. Most malls have an H&M store, and they are typically stocked with cute and simple children’s outfits. 

Fin & Vince | This site has the absolute cutest baby clothes. Their knit outfits are unique and simple, and they always photograph very well. 

Little Cottonwood | Little Cottonwood is the perfect place to shop for neutral button-down shirts for boys. 

Modern Piggy | This is my favorite spot to shop for accessories. Their bowties and clip-on ties are adorable and take baby portraits to the next level of cuteness. 

Ivy City Co  | This Utah-based company is a great place to find mommy-and-me outfits. They have dresses, button-down shirts, and baby rompers all in the same cute fabric for the whole family to match. 

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