Colorful Backyard Wedding for Delaney & Kyu


A groom in a black suit and bowtie whispers into the brides ear as she looks forward by Kailee Matsumura Photography. colorful bridal bouquet black suit Bartlett Weddings #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #Bartlett,TN #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraWeddings #TNweddingphotography #summerwedding #colorfulwedding

Delaney and Kyu’s wedding was such a dream to be able to photograph! It was full of rich culture and family traditions that will be memorable for Delaney and Kyu for years to come. 

They held the ceremony in the backyard of Delaney’s cousin’s home because it originally belonged to her grandmother. Delaney has fond memories from growing up of gathering with her family and playing with her cousins there, so it was the perfect location for a wedding. The home and backyard truly were stunning: it was full of big mature trees and beautiful landscaping. Talk about an ideal summer wedding spot! 

The weather forecast did not look promising during the days leading up to the wedding, and even on the day of, the rain looked imminent. All week long Delaney and I had been texting back and forth because of the rainy weather predictions. We did end up having some light rain during and a bigger downpour after the ceremony, but fairly clear skies other than that!

We lucked out with some beautiful golden hour light once the weather cleared up and I was able to take some photos of the bride and groom in the evening. The photos turned out so gorgeous– you would have had no idea that the weather was anything less than ideal. All Delaney wanted was some good golden hour photos, and we were so lucky to have been able to get them.

After the wedding ceremony, Delaney and Kyu changed into their Hanboks and then had a traditional Korean Hanbok ceremony. The Paebaek (폐백) is an ancient Korean wedding tradition intended for the bride to pay her respects to the groom’s family. In this process, she is officially accepted into the groom’s family. The bowing in the ceremony process represents her responsibility and devotion to her new family. It was beautiful to be able to capture such a special tradition for Delaney and Kyu.

Another special way they made their wedding day personal was by bringing a memory photo memory table to display memories of their loved ones who have passed away. Delaney’s dad and sister both passed away very early into her relationship with Kyu, but he was there for her every step of the way. I loved seeing that sweetness and commitment to each other throughout their wedding day.

As always, it was so fun to learn about Delaney and Kyu as I worked with them. Part of Delaney’s bridal party was made up of some friends that she made while waiting in line to get tickets for a K-pop concert. They all stayed in line together for hours and have been to many more concerts since then. Isn’t that so cute? 

I had the best time working with Delaney and Kyu. They were so fun to get to know and their wedding day was so beautiful– I hope they remember it for the rest of their lives!

On a road in Memphis Tennessee a newlywed couple smiles on their wedding day by Kailee Matsumura Photography. long sleeve wedding gown outdoor wedding portrait #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #Bartlett,TN #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraWeddings #TNweddingphotography #summerwedding #colorfulwedding
A group of bridesmaid in oranges, pinks, and purples stand under green leaf trees in the TN summer by Kailee Matsumura Photography. colorful bridesmaid dress summer wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #Bartlett,TN #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraWeddings #TNweddingphotography #summerwedding #colorfulwedding
Kailee Matsumura Photography a professional Memphis wedding photographer captures a colorful summer bridal bouquet with purples and pinks. summer bridal bouquet colorful wedding #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #Bartlett,TN #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraWeddings #TNweddingphotography #summerwedding #colorfulwedding
At the wedding sparkler send-off Kailee Matsumura Photography captures the bride and groom kissing at dusk. wedding sparkler send-off empire waist wedding gown #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #Bartlett,TN #MemphisPhotography #KaileeMastumuraWeddings #TNweddingphotography #summerwedding #colorfulwedding #shesaidyes #southernwedding


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