Why Taking Family Pictures is Unquestionably Worth It

No matter the stage of life I’m in, there are phases where everything feels busy. That’s just the way it goes! Whether you’re a newlywed couple trying to find your new normal or parents who just welcomed their fourth baby, it’s normal to never really feel “caught up” on everything. I am currently the mom […]

How to Get Prints

I am a big believer that your family photos deserve a life outside the screen of your phone. Your family photos are your ART! Don’t wait to print them out and display them proudly in your home. Wouldn’t it be a bummer to go through all the work of planning and carrying out your pictures […]

Fave Poses for Littles

When we work together on your family photos, my goal is always to capture the closeness of your relationships. I want you to be able to look back on these images and feel like they are authentic representations of your unique bonds as family members. One of the ways we can accomplish this is through […]

Why I Love Mom & Daughter Photo Shoots

If I had only had thirty seconds to prepare an hour-long presentation about a topic of my choice, I would pick the importance of taking family photos every time. What can I say, I’m just a huge fan of documenting families and family relationships! While I love snapping photos of the whole family, there is […]

How to Convince Your Husband to Take Family Photos

Today we’re going to chat about a topic that may be controversial in your household: family photos. In my experience (both as a wife and as a professional photographer) it’s totally normal for spouses to be on different pages about the necessity of taking family pictures. Several years ago when my husband and I were […]

How to Choose a Time and Location for Senior Photos

One of the best parts of being a senior is getting your very own portrait session. I remember looking forward to senior photos throughout all high school! For any new (or soon-to-be) 12th graders, I want to make your job easy and let you in on all the behind-the-scenes secrets that will make your session […]

The Wiser Family | Germantown Tennessee Family Photos

I am so excited to be blogging this session because I have been dying to share all the photos from my time with the Wiser Family. Brianne and her husband, Jack, are actually related to past clients of mine, the Crocketts! (The Crocketts are awesome people whose photos I apparently forgot to blog. Oops!) There’s […]

My 8 Favorite Utah Portrait Session Locations

Whether you are a fellow photographer looking for session locations, or a client looking for inspiration, this list of my 8 favorite Utah portrait session locations is for you. 

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