How to Choose Outfit Colors for Stunning Family Pictures


One major stressor associated with taking family photos is selecting coordinating outfits for every member of your group. If you have pictures coming up, you might be asking yourself things like “What colors should we be wearing?” or “Where do I even start?” As a photographer, I can tell you that this is a very common dilemma. 

Through my many years of taking pictures for couples and families, I have learned a few tricks to take the pressure off of finding the perfect outfit. I’ll let you in on my best secret: the best place to start is with a good color palette! Trying to find cute clothes without the parameters of a color palette can result in outfits that are either too similar or too disjointed and random. 

When you start with a handful of hues that you love, it’s easy to shop for items that coordinate because you already know they will look good together. Having said that, there are a few other things to consider when working with a color palette for your photos.

The Background of Your Location

One of your top priorities when searching for family picture outfits is selecting pieces that won’t blend in with your background. You don’t want your cute clothes to get lost in the photo! Stay away from colors like white/cream in a studio space or dark green in a forest. Use your best judgment– what you wear should coordinate with your location, while still helping you to be the focal point.

Your Skin and Hair

Every client I’ve ever worked with is beautiful and unique in their own way. That’s one of the things I love about this job! When it comes to outfits, only you can tell what kinds of things will complement your complexion and features. Stay away from colors that are too similar to your skin tone to avoid feeling washed out or overwhelmed by one shade.

Potential Color Variations

One of the best rules of thumb for family picture outfits is to go with colors that won’t distract from you or your location. You want to look for a palette that is distinct enough to bring attention to you but muted enough to not take over the whole photo. If you feel like the colors you chose are a little too bright, opt for more neutral versions of them, like olive instead of emerald green or a dusty rose in place of fuschia pink.

The Basics of a Color Palette

When you’re deciding on a color palette for your photos, start with two or three colors you’d like to focus on. Once you’ve established the main part of your palette, add a few neutral accents (both light and dark) that complement the colors you initially chose. You could even go with colors that are lighter or darker variations of the same color for a cohesive look. There are millions of great palette ideas on Pinterest but one example could be something like navy, baby blue, dusty blue or brown, cream, and tan.

After you put your color palette together, it’s time to start gathering outfit items. I always recommend starting with Mom first and working your way through the rest of the family. I have lots of great blog resources to help you through things like finding the perfect dresses for mom and tips for dressing kids.

At the end of the day, the best color palette to choose is one that compliments your unique family. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, your pictures will turn out beautiful every time. I hope these tips are helpful!


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