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As a wedding photographer in the picturesque state of Utah, I have the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful love stories amidst the stunning mountain views. And let me tell you, Donna and Jeremy’s story is one of the most heartwarming and touching tales I have had the honor of witnessing!

Six years had flew by since their first date at Get out Games, and little did Donna know that Jeremy had been carefully planning the perfect surprise proposal. As they went back to where their love story began, Donna’s heart was filled with nostalgia and fond memories. But little did she know, the best memory was yet to come.

Their first date was a memorable one, they went out to Rose Establishment for coffee, ate dinner at Bombay House, and ended the night at Get Out Games. It was a whirlwind of laughter and joy, and they knew from that moment on that they were meant to be together. They spent countless hours exploring new places, trying new things and simply enjoying each other’s company.

The Proposal:

Donna & Jeremy had originally planned to get married in the summer. However, when Donna’s closest friend, Joy, was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t doing as well as everyone had hoped, she realized that she couldn’t imagine getting married without her by her side. Joy had been with her since the beginning, through her first breakup, and throughout her entire relationship with Jeremy. In fact, Donna had even been the maid of honor in Joy’s wedding a few years ago here in Salt Lake City!

The proposal was a complete surprise. They had planned to take a trip next year and Donna thought that’s when he would propose. However, Jeremy had other plans. They had an annual Friendsgiving where they got together with all of their closest friends for a night of fun, games and food. This year, a friend suggested that they also do an escape room: which if you remember correctly, was Donna and Jeremy’s first date!

This escape room was heist-themed and had a vault at the end. Jeremy had them change the code to their anniversary date, 0125. Inside the vault, there were flowers and the ring box. Donna had no idea it was going to happen since she thought they were just going for there for a group activity for their annual Friendsgiving. She was completely surprised and touched by the thoughtfulness of the proposal.

The ring was special too, Jeremy had chosen it himself, making the proposal all the more meaningful. It was clear that he put a lot of thought and effort into making the proposal special and memorable, ensuring that it would be a moment they would both treasure forever.

The Wedding Day:

They chose Studio Elevn as the location for their elopement ceremony. This incredible studio, located in downtown Salt Lake City, provided the perfect backdrop for their minimalistic and intimate ceremony.

Donna and Jeremy exchanged vows in front of their closest friends and family who deeply love and support them. The most special part of the day was having Joy there with them, despite her battle with cancer. Seeing these two friends come together to celebrate was truly an emotional and heartwarming experience.

The love between Donna and Jeremy was undeniable: pure and genuine. The way they looked at each other and the way they interacted, it was evident that their love and bond will only continue to grow stronger with time. qTheir wedding day was a beautiful reminder of the power of love and friendship and how important it is to cherish the moments and people that we love.

Donna and Jeremy, I just want to express my deepest gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Watching you exchange vows and commit to a lifetime of love was an emotional and beautiful experience. The way you looked into each other’s eyes, the way you laughed and cried together, it was all so raw and genuine. It was a reminder of the true meaning of love.

I also want to thank you for the trust you have placed in me. Capturing your special day was a privilege, and I will always cherish the memories of your wedding. I am honored to have been able to document your love story, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.

Your love story is one that will inspire others and I am honored to have been a part of it!

Ceremony Set up for a studio Elopement in Salt Lake City Utah taken by Kailee Matsumura, a Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bridesmaids helping the bride get her shoes on. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Utah Bride getting her makeup touched up by her bridesmaids in Studio Elevn. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A father walks his daughter down the aisle in a studio elopement in Salt Lake City, Utah. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
A glance at the crowd during a Studio Elopement at Studio Elevn in Downtown Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Groom gets emotional while reading his vows to his soon to be wife in Studio Elevn during their intimate elopement. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Groom slides the ring onto the ring finger of the bride in an intimate ceremony that took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Bride and Groom hold hands and gaze at each other before they kiss. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bride and Groom Kiss to seal the deal and become husband and wife. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bride and Groom walk down the Aisle as husband and wife following their ceremony. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Mother gets emotional hugging her son on his wedding day. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Groom hugs dear friend who is battling cancer following the wedding ceremony. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bridesmaids laugh with each other, happy to be together for this special day! #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bridesmaids all laugh together as they celebrate this special day! Bridesmaid in a wheelchair as she is battling cancer diagnosis. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Bridal Party with a bridesmaid in a wheelchair. Beautiful neutral colors: tans, whites, and light blues. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer

Photos of the Bride alone. Bridals. Individual Photos of the Bride. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer
Photos of the Bride and Groom as Husband and Wife in a studio in downtown Salt Lake City- in Studio Elevn. #KaileeMatsumuraPhotography #KaileeMatsumuraWeddings #Studiowedding #UtahWedding #SLCwedding #SLCweddingphotographer

Creative team: 

Venue: Studio Elevn

Hair and Make up: Kumiko Ryther

Gown & Shoes: Nordstrom

Florist: Sweet Williams Floral & Design

Jewelry: Rocky Mountain Diamond

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