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Dad in a white t-shirt and baby boy in overalls gazing at mom wearing a stunning black dress in Park City, Utah. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily

As a Park City Photographer, I cannot wait to show you this incredible Family Session! Cade and Natalie have the most darling little one year old and the world just wouldn’t be complete without this smiley little guy. Weighing in at a whopping 22 pounds is this chunky, fluffy as a marshmallow, adorable kiddo. He loves to dance and will dance at every chance that he can! I now know all the words to a Cocomelon song, “Happy Days, oh Happy Days, let’s all make the world a better plaaaaace”. Sing that 500 times over and regardless of whether it’s the first time of the last time, Rohan will do a slow shimmy with his shoulders. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Dad holding baby boy up in the air with mom watching delightfully behind him in Park City Utah for special family photography session. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, you know? I don’t know what it is about a baby and their Mom, but there is something so perfect about it. Motherhood portraits are some of my favorite photos to take and I really think it’s because there’s just this innate bond between the two that I love to capture.

Sweet kisses for baby as he sits comfortably on moms lap during family session. smile happy baby family photos #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Stunning ripple of water in Park City Utah behind this gorgeous family of three taking family photos. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily

Fatherhood photos are equally as beautiful – and my favorite thing about them is seeing the sweet baby watch their momma make silly faces as I’m trying to capture photos of Dad and baby. The BIGGEST smiles come when momma is making the faces! And boy-oh-boy, once their smiling and Dad is throwing them up in the air, they know that playtime has started, and they are happy as can be!

Dad giving baby boy kisses on the cheek with beautiful reservoir in the background. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Close up of this sweet baby boy with mom and day close by watching him grow. cute baby boy overalls smile slicked back hair #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Dad holding baby boy in the air having fun during family photography session with reservoir in the background. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Independent photo of little boy on the rocky shore of the Park City Utah reservoir smiling happily at the camera. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Sweet giggles revealing two little teeth on this baby boy on the shore of the Park City reservoir. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Kisses for sweet baby boy as he smiles at the camera for this family session in Park City Utah. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily
Nothing but laughs for this family of three as they play and interact naturally during family photography session in Park City Utah. #saltlakecityphotography #kaileematsumura #parkcityutah #familyphotos # momdadbaby #outdoorphotography #beautifulfamily

Want your family session in Park City?? I’d love to meet your family! Contact me here! To view more of my work, follow along on Instagram and Portrait Portfolio.


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