One of my most frequently asked questions as a photographer is “Do you really think I need to get my hair and makeup professionally done for *fill-in-the-blank photo session*” and my answer is always YES! As both a photographer and a person who has been photographed, I definitely see a difference between hair and makeup […]

You worked hard to have gorgeous portraits taken, so don’t let them go to waste in your phone! Heirloom albums are a way to share your memories with your loved ones for years to come.

White Shanty, a beautiful venue for both large and small events, is one of the most popular wedding venue rentals for good reason! As a photographer, I’m always looking for unique backdrops and spaces all within the same location so that my photos have a lot of variety, and White Shanty delivers on that front […]

Located in Sandy, Utah, Twenty & Creek is a new and upscale wedding venue. Featuring indoor and outdoor event areas, this space recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation to make it into the gem it is today. The owners of Twenty & Creek partnered with the illustrious Fox Group to design a classic and timeless […]

We are so lucky here in Utah to have TONS of wedding venue options to choose from! Brides-to-be in Utah might be overwhelmed by the endless options, and I completely understand. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of working at a lot of different venues around the state. Today I want to share […]

This Squaw Peak and Midway Engagement Session was absolutely stunning. Can you believe how perfect their colors are? I’m a sucker for anything blue, and Victoria’s dress was the perfect casual dress. And the craziest thing? it’s from Patagonia, which I never would have guessed! The weather was gorgeous, too: warm and sunny. The views […]

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As someone who wears a lot of hats (wife, momma, nurse, and photographer). I know that those once in a lifetime moments can truly fly by. My mission is to capture those beautiful moments so that you can come back to them years down the road and relive them! The best way to do that if to find out who YOU are and what type of moments YOU treasure the most.

Wanna meet me? I love my cute family, the pop of my Made by Mary necklace over my heather grey sweatshirt, and eating ice cream for every occasion - Tillamook Mudslide is my favorite!

And I can't wait to get to know you!

I’m Kailee

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